| Membership

The Christchurch Archery Club advises that the following schedule of fees has been set for the season 1st October 2023 - 30th September 2024:

Membership TypeClub OnlyTotal
Full Time Student$150.00$150.00*
Non Shooting$70.00$70.00*

*All fees are in New Zealand dollars.

Social & Administrative Membership

Non-shooting members can join the Christchurch Archery Club for an annual fee of $70.

Equipment Hire

Each time a club bow is used, there is a $15 charge.

Target Fee

Non-Club members must pay a $15 fee each time they use targets.

For Kyudo enquiries, please contact Dieter Anke (5-dan, Renshi) anke@kyudo.nz.

For Special Needs enquiries, please contact enquiries@archerychch.co.nz.

For membership enquiries, please contact enquiries@archerychch.co.nz.