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Beginners Course Information:

We run beginners courses several times a year. Our course is normally four, two hour sessions which our dedicated coaches will show you the basics of archery and teach you the safety aspects.Courses are typically run in the spring & summer, and are subject to the availability of our venue and volunteer coaches.Parents are welcome to leave their child at archery/beginners courses unless they require help/supervision.We provide all equipment for beginners, you only need to bring yourself and a snack! Photos may be taken at courses for use in media releases or coach training. If you do not want to be photographed please let us know.You can also carry on using the club equipment until you are ready to purchase your own.We will be happy to measure you for equipment and can offer advice on what to buy. Please do not buy any equipment without advice from a coach! Toilets are available.There will be a small amount of classroom information given and written material will be provided for everyone to read at their leisure. The majority of the course is practical and shooting will be outside whenever possible.Course content includes
  1. 1. Range safety
  2. 2. The 12 steps of shooting
  3. 3. Types of equipment
  4. 4. Basic tuning and bow mechanics
  5. 5. Information about Archery New Zealand
  6. 6. The junior programme
  7. 7. Joining the club
  8. 8. Lots of shooting
We will generally require a minimum of 6 participants to enable us to run the course.The cost of the "Introduction to Archery" course is generally $180.00 for four lessons, this includes equipment hire and target fees for the duration of the course.

If you wish to apply please include the following information:

Where the participant is a minor (under 18):

  • 1. First and Surname of the participant.
  • 2. The current age of the participant.
  • 3. Home phone number of the participant's caregiver.
  • 4. Cell phone number of the participant's caregiver.
  • 5. If the participant has more than one caregiver, please add both.
  • 6. The email address of the caregiver.

Where the participant is an adult (18+):

  • 1. First and Surname of the participant.
  • 2. That the participant is over 18years old.
  • 3. Home phone number of the participant.
  • 4. Cell phone number of the participant.
  • 5. Email address of the participant.
All correspondence will only be by email or conventional mail. In all correspondence, please refer to participant by their name.